Passport Stamp : Marvelous in Malta

So Malta has been on my travel list for about three years now, but to be honest I didn’t think I would get to visit until much later in life (considering the lowest flights I had ever seen there are about $1,400)….but low and behold, tickets are in the $800’s now!

Of course I didn’t pay that price, but it is worth it! For my birthday I went to Spain & decided to just hop on over to Italy, Paris (for 24 hours) and MALTA! The flight on Ryanair (the Spirit Airlines for Europe) for $30!


If you’re worried about transportation, eCABS is the Maltese version of Uber. We didn’t take it, but it seems legit. Coming from MLA (the airport) to the downtown we took Malta Transfer. It was €46 for 4 RT tickets, and was smooth ride. You get to see so much on the ride so make sure to stay awake!

Once the flight was booked, of course I went over to to look for hotels (get $25 off your hotel reservation by using this link). We ended up staying at Sunny Coast Resort & Spa & it was great! It’s right on the water, so make sure you wake up early enough to watch the sun rise! We booked the 2 bedroom suite and it came with a little kitchen area with a pullout couch.

IMG_2861(Outside of Sunny Coast Resort & Spa)

To make sure we saw the islands of Malta, we booked the Hornblower Cruise for €25.00 and it was amazing! It was about a 15-20 minute walk from the hotel, and near lots of restaurants and little shops. On the cruise we stopped in Comino, Blue Lagoon, Gozo and the caves, and they were each breath taking.

IMG_4036            (On the water of Comino)

You are able to slide off of the ship into the water, have cheap (but strong) drinks at the Comino stop.

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll love Gozo! That’s where the wedding of Daenery and Drogo took place! Unfortunately the rock ended up crumbling 😦


We also stopped into one of the most gorgeous churches I have ever seen, Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu. It is said to be a of miracles, and from the energy I felt from sitting inside, I can believe it. *If you have excessive skin showing they will give you a scarf to cover up. *

IMG_2965 (Inside of Ta’ Pinu)

Now if you’re into trying new things, try out The Fish Lounge. Here you will get a fish pedicure! I had my first one back in 2014 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Warning : if you are ticklish, you will scream lol. It is the most ticklish experience I’ve ever had, but if you can stick it out, you’ll have the softest feet ever! If you’re tough, they offer FULL BODY treatments as well!

Now let’s get into the Maltese food. LAWD! When I tell you EVERYTHING we ate in Malta was BREATHTAKING! Now I know I can be a bit dramatic at times, but not on this! We got to the hotel late and were starving, so we popped into Chaplin’s Pub Diner & Pizzeria, the restaurant next door. We didn’t have high expectations based on the name, and boy were we wrong! The only fish I’ve had this fresh was in Nigeria and these were the tastiest potatoes that have EVER touched my mouth (and all for $16 with a salad)! And let’s not get started on the $4 Hennessy and $3 mixed drinks!


Fresco’s  is gorgeous! It’s right on the water & in the heart of Sliema so whether you visit in the day or night, you get a gorgeous view. (a 20 mins/ €25 cab ride). The owner was absolutely wonderful, he checked on everyone in the place, chatted us up and even turned off the lights in the ENTIRE restaurant to bring my dessert with candles & sang Happy Birthday to me! He even personally called us a driver to come and take us back so we didn’t have to find a cab. If you do decide to eat here, I suggest calling ahead and making reservations.


All in all, Malta was my favorite part of my birthday trip (besides meeting up with my good friend Max in Paris) & I will definitely be back!

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