Lifestyle: Playa Please

In October I went to Spain to celebrate my birthday, and while walking around Madrid I saw a woman wearing the cutest shirt!

Of course I stopped her & asked where it was from & she said Mango. Good thing it was only a block & a half away from my hostel! So of course I made my way & ended up buying two of the T-shirt’s.

The quickest way to get me to say “Playa Please” is when people thinking their opinions of me matter. I wore this to work & heard some of the funniest reasons why people say “Playa Please” & I want to hear yours too!

Comment below ( by 12:00am, December 5th ) with why you say it & this shirt could be yours! (Size : Small, but could easily fit someone who wears a medium as well)

(Pants : ASOS, Bag : Ronitra Walker, Watch : Domeni)

11 thoughts on “Lifestyle: Playa Please

  1. “Can I touch your hair?”
    “You got a man?”
    “That’s not your real butt”
    “You the only girl I want”
    “I know you want this D” 😂


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  2. “ Soo don’t you think it’s time for you to have another child?”

    “You can’t have friends?”

    “Is that your real hair?”


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  3. “When is your sister moving back down south?”
    “When are you going to have another child?”
    “Omg I love your hair! Can I touch it?”
    “Is that your real hair?”

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  4. Why are you single?

    So you can’t just have friends?

    Oh wow…at first I thought you were stuck up but now…

    Playa please!

    Love this shirt so much! The shirt also got the 3lw song stuck in my head all day long!!

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  5. That shirt is all sorts of gorgeous ! ❤

    Why do you need to think about it ?
    Do you have a boyfriend ?
    Can I have your number ?
    When are you getting married ?

    Playa please !

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