City Pass : San Fran

So I have always wanted to try out San Fransisco, but flights from the East Coast are always sky high! So when my job invited us out for an all paid conference you better believe I was all over it…and I’m so glad I didn’t pay.

IMG_0584(view from Parc 55 suite)

Where to stay? We stayed in the heart of the city, and it was too cute! They had all types of shopping within walking distance of the hotel. Parc 55 Hotel is where we stayed. But one thing I noticed about downtown, one minute you’re on the strip with cute shops and cafes and make one right turn and you’re in some questionable areas. No judgement here of course, but I will say keep your eyes opened, as my best friend and I were chased into the middle of the street by a man on a bad batch at 3:00pm!

IMG_0677(Painted Ladies)

What to do? One thing I can say is San Fran has some of the most delicious foods! To be honest, I spent majority of my time ordering food from UberEATS and riding around visiting tourist areas. If you watched Mrs. Doubtfire or Full House you MUST go visit the Painted Ladies and Lombard Street!

IMG_0674(House on Lombard St.)

And lastly, please check the weather/fog when planning to see the Golden Gate Bridge! I had to visit THREE times before I got the chance to actually see it. It was around 12:45pm and there was still fog, but it made for a gorgeous picture!


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