Passport Stamp : MONTRÉALVIVE

There’s more to Canada than Toronto!

Photo1 Old Port

Do you want to visit France, but on local budget? Montreal, Canada is the place for you! It is an island and is the second largest French-speaking city, with Paris being the first. With cobblestone roads, cute little coffee shops, and a melting pot of different ethnicities, you’ll be sure to fall in love!

There are tons of cute hotels and Airbnb’s throughout Montreal. My girls and I chose Eric’s Airbnb. It is so cute, and has a hot tub on the rooftop! He also set up balloons, cupcakes and champagne for my best friends birthday!

With 6 months of winter, Montrealers make the best of their summers and PARTY. I don’t mean the go out for drinks and dancing until 2 or 3am. I mean I arrived at Terrace Bonsecours at 1:30am on a WEDNESDAY and was told the party was just getting started. This 3 story club / bar is so cute. It’s located downtown and is right on the water where you can see Old Port, fireworks and a huge ferris wheel.

Photo 2 Spa

If you are into self-care like I am, Strom Spa is for you! I try to get a massage in every city I visit, and this is the best spa I have visited hands down! It’s about 15 minutes from downtown Montreal, and gives you a New Orleans feel. With 6 outdoor pools (one is 102 degrees and another is 50!),  Eucalyptus Steam Bath, saunas, and massages, you get completely lost in where you are! If you get a massage, be sure to ask for Jean Baptiste!

Photo3 Chicken

Now let’s get down to the FOOD! Montreal is in the top 5 cities in the world with the most diverse choice of food. One moment you’re looking at Chinese, the next Mexican, and blink one more time you’re in front of a Congolese spot! If you want the tastiest and juiciest lamb chops EVER, go to Rotisserie Portugalia . L’Gros Luxe has the best fried chicken and french toast, with the best playlist and vibes! For cute drinks and photos, check out Kampai Garden. Make sure to try their pitcher of “Baby Girl What’s Your Name”. For a cheap (but still delicious) brunch, Allô Mon Coco. And last but definitely not least, you have to try Canada’s signature dish, poutine. Montreal Poutine is the place to try it! They have the best sangria pitchers, music and owners. My girls and I spent about 3 hours just drinking and chatting up the owner. When you go, make sure to ask for Eric, and tell him Amina from DC sent you!

Photo 4 Brunch

P.S. : If you like flowers, make sure to check out Dragon Flowers, and it’s located right across from L’Gros Luxe!

Photo5 Dragon Flowers

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