Passport Stamp : Ice Ice(land) Baby!

Iceland has recently been all over social media and I am here to help you enjoy your visit there!


WOW Airlines has the cheapest tickets (that I have come across) for East Coast travel to Reykjavik, Iceland. Tickets will normally run you about $260-$380 (could be higher or lower, depending on the season. I bought my ticket in December and traveled first week in March). WOW Airlines may not have the most comfortable seating, or movie selection, but when it comes to pricing, it can’t be beat.

Rent a car in advance!

Most things in Iceland are spread out, so it’s best to rent a car. Sad Cars (funny name right?!) is super cheap and convenient. A little car ran about $80 for 3 days, they picked us up and dropped us at the airport. The only downfall is Iceland gas prices are CRAZY high, so expect to spend between $80-$100 to fill up a car the size of a Prius.

Hosteling in Iceland is a MUST!


Where to stay? If you want to save money, be in the heart of the city, meet amazing new people, AND stay in a SUPER cool place, Galaxy Pod is the place to be! It is a 6 minute drive to the strip of bars and clubs, and when I say people in Iceland know how to party?! Three nights at this cool spot ran me around $170! When I say this place was amazing! Where else can you go to a hostel, and stay in a “pod” that includes a fan, personal television, mirror and lighting all together? This is honestly the coolest lodging I have experienced!


What to do? Of course you can’t go to Iceland without visiting one of the 25 wonders of the world, the Blue Lagoon. You have to make reservations, but once you’re in, you can stay all day. You have to try mud from the lagoon as use it as a mask! Sounds gross, but your skin will thank you . Also, if you like adventures, try out Hot Spring Mountain. This was about a 6 hour tour that included : hiking boots, all of the mountain railing tools and helmets. The only downside is it is far from downtown Reykjavik, about 2.5 hours, but the views on the way there are unforgettable! And who can go to Iceland without seeing the Northern Lights?! Once again, it’s best to drive to a location outside of the city. You can only see the lights when it is completely dark outside, no lights from anywhere!


Last but not least, where to eat?! The best food I had hands down was at Geysir! It’s a cute little place on the strip and they have the best lamb chops I’ve ever tasted! The place is a little pricy, so budget between $60-$80 per person, but trust me it’s worth it. Hofnin is a rustic little place with amazing breakfast, and located in the heart of all the cute little thrift shops. Try to get there early so that you beat the rush! And lastly, I tried Iceland’s signature dish Hákarl, which is shark.  You can get it at almost any restaurant, and when in Rome….I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so I will let you experience that yourself!

One thought on “Passport Stamp : Ice Ice(land) Baby!

  1. Beautiful write.
    I look forward to visiting ice land..
    I’ve dreamnt of it already, just waiting for the physical manifestation😂.


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