Passport Stamp : Guadeloupe

The trip that changed my life!


Visiting Guadeloupe had the most impact on my life, and will always be one of my top 3 most favorite spots. Although, each trip that I have take has shown me something new, nothing can top what Guadeloupe showed me.

This was my first solo trip. This vacay was planned to be a girls weekend trip. Booked in December, for a January get away….and then came along 3 ft of DC snow. Completely ruining our getaway, and I thank God that it did. We couldn’t find a weekend for all of us to go together so I said eff it, and went alone. If you wait until people agree with you, you’ll be waiting your entire life. Trust me.IMG_4229

Now let me tell you about this beautiful island! It is located in the French Caribbean, is made up of 5 islands, and is under the radar! Norwegian Airlines just started flying direct from BWI and JFK to PTP (Pointe-à-Pitre) and flights start at just $140!!! Depending on the week and holidays, you can get it for as low as $110.


Since I decided to go alone, I stayed in a hostel, E.Gwada Hostel (also a first for me). This was a full blown, co-ed hostel with bunk beds and college style showers, and I loved it.

The food at this hostel is about $9 per plate and absolutely delish!


I met a guy named Max who was an absolute life saver! I was reading a book in the common area of the hostel and he asked if I wanted to come outside on the hammock and hang out. From that point on, we hung out the entire trip! He was backpacking throughout the islands from Paris! So he was my translator. We hitchhiked, climbed a lighthouse, went midnight swimming and just had a blast. We have stayed in touch and he even visited me in D.C. ! And whenever I make it to Paris, please believe that I will visit him!

Max ended up leaving a day before me, and just as I mentally prepared myself to be alone, I found a couple in my hostel! We shared a table at dinner, and began chatting. A few moments of talking, we discovered they were on the same flight as me to D.C. They were going to visit a few friends who stayed about 10 mins from my house. So I rode with them to PTP airport, and when we landed I drove them to their destination.


All in all, this trip was one of my faves because it taught me how to depend on me, gave me a chance to truly relax without worrying about what activities my friends wanted to try next, and got me out of my comfort zone and meet new people!


4 thoughts on “Passport Stamp : Guadeloupe

  1. This was such a wonderful insight to this beautiful island. I look forward to reading more of your explorations. It’s really making learn how I can still travel the world.


  2. Its nice to “get away” and explore different parts of the world through your eyes. I look forward to going to new places with you! And let me know where you are going next so I can have my passport stamped along with yours:)


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